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Bluegreen Who?

I've been gone a little while. 

Most of my updates on have been for new fandoms (LoK and HG), but I have sort-of been around.  Mostly I've been buried in a mountain of school work.  

Anyway, funny story: I got a Hulu account and guess what?  Naruto Shippuden is one of the series you can watch start-to-finish on there.  Guess what BGA has been doing?  

Watching a ton of Naruto.  That's what BGA has been doing.  

So I've got a pretty pile of new stuff and a whole set of new rules.  Basically I've decided not to post until I've at least drafted a piece through to its finish.  CT morphed into a beast precisely because I didn't draft responsibly.  

Long story short?  CT is planned (but not completed) and will thus be updated relatively soon. 

Until then:

Red  [ Madara/Mito. Past Canon.  6 Chapters. ]  Four years before Konoha appoints her first Hokage, Mito is elected diplomat to the fledgling city.  “Another clan desperate for alliances.” Madara asks, deceptively mild: “Is that why your Whirlpool left you to the mercy of Hashirama and I?  For the sake of peace?”

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Oh hai thar ;D

("Get Some" and "Possibility" are good Lykke Li songs toooo :)

I'm looking forward to a Color Theory Update <3.
It's still one of my favourites!


There needs to be more MadaMitoHashi love out there and yes, I am loving your writing and your fic and it is sadafegws.

I'm so glad you haven't abandoned it :'D

I hope you update soon! <3

We need your CT. I hope you haven't abandoned it :D

This is that CT Calling

i'm addicted. I'm having withdrawal symptoms. And perhaps I'm being over dramatic. BUT WE REALLY WANT NO NEED THAT CT. PLEASE *clings to your legs and begs and grovels anime-style*

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