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A Badass Naruto Chapter, You Say? Surely You Jest.
Sasuke leanin'
 Soooooooo...I've been on vaycay, with The Worst Internet Connection Ever TM.  I'm on my way back to civilization back home, and finally got a stable enough connection to read the latest chapter.  I LOVED IT! OMG it's like original Naruto, where I couldn't stop reeeeeeading and was excited and there was plot development and an endless parade of badass mofos! (8D) All this chapter needed was Sauce to dip in and it would've been epic.

Of course, since it's Naruto Shippuden, it was at once awesome AND lulz-worthy.  So I decided to do a play-by-play sort of deal. 
Lololol, I knew this chapter was going to be funny from the first panel.  Shiku-papa at the desk with the Raikage's secretary, talking down to the Hokage's summon.  Right.

Two of three beings in this picture are female and not-a-one gets respect.  That's about right for this manga. . .
Mini!Katsuyu: So, should I tell the boss that--
Shika-papa: Nope.  I'm in charge.   They need to be on their toes to attempt to resist Talk no Jutsu stop Killa B and Naruto.
Mini: Butbutbut---
Shika-papa: STFU! You're female, right? Well I'm doing important manly things. Shh.
Mini: (:|) . . . (:\) . . . (:[) Okay.
Meanwhile Tsunade is modelling.  And Katsuyu's other division is sad cause her twin at headbase is getting zero damn respect. 
Also SageMode Naruto is photo-bombing?
The bromance between teh Raikage and B was so mighty that it left a smoking crator.  Cloud is sort of awesome.  Except for their kidnapping-little-girls fetish.

And blahblahblah B-backstory that I care very little for.  This was neat when it had baby B.  And when B's rapping was still campy and cute and not irritating and page-consuming.  FFFFFFFF---
Then came the convo where I got really sucked into this chapter! :D

B: --and because I'm a lovah AND a fighta, that's why I can control the 8 tails! And this mothafucka? he's got TWO SUNS! 
Naruto: YEAH! My mom AND my dad! 8D
Wait.  The parents you met for like. . .five minutes each?  ( :|)  POKERFACE.  Then I thought about it.  Decided I liked it.  It's very sweet that Naruto feels attachment to his parents.  Did the previous theme of the narrative REALLY suggest that he needed reassurance of parental love? I guess.  The original Naruto did.  AND both parents WERE bona fide badasses who died to protect him at birth.  So I conceded.  
I jumped ALL OVER that Naruto'sParentsAreHisTwoSuns!Bandwagon! :D 
Kishi kinda gave the pics of Naruto's parents halos. . .and things started takin' a turn for the overtly Jesus!Naruto
And it was revealed that VIRTUALLY ERYBODY but poor Naruto knew who his parents were.  Right.
Plus Raikage reacted like I did.  Righteous.
Tsunade just made that smug bitch face that I love her for.  She called it. Also she adds the obligitory Minato worship. le sigh.
Everybody reminisces for a moment on just how epic Naruto's parents really were.  Wait, and no one believed this kid was gonna be somebody a few hundred chapters ago?  With his pedigree? Really? Really.
On another note, Tsunade is damn pretty.  
Naruto's obvious recap is foreshadowing.  He's gonna go 9Ts to fight Madara.  Kay.

. . . Raikage is behind on his news?  Isn't the whole Madara-wrecked-the-Leaf-with-9T like an agreed upon fact now?
Tsunade also seems to have overlooked a slightly obvious conclusion.  Why else leave the key to unlocking a seal, but to eventually open it?
More random recaps! AND just a bit more Savior parallels between Naruto and Minato! 
Was Minato the savior? Did he fail if he's already dead? Or was he successful in setting up Naruto to finish the job?  Does that make NARUTO the true Savior? Does anyone give a shit?
Then Tsunade jumps on the NarutoJesusBandwagon, having succumbed to his Talk no Jutsu
. . .AND BETS  ON HIM!? WTF, TSUNADE? That kills people when you talk like that! D8 Is she being intentionally passive-aggressive? . . . why do I like that possibility 83 Not that I want Naruto dead, just love the idea of Tsunade being a little devious, I guess. 
B: --Naruto an' I are da same, mofo! That's why you have to believe in us! An'--
Raikage: Fuck this noise. ATTACKS.
Everybody else: (8O) (D8<) 

Raikage goes straight for Naruto at full speed . . . and NARUTO JUKES HIM LIKE ITS NOTHING!
Raikage approves.  Evidently attempted homicide is a rite of passage in Cloud.  No wonder they're all badass.  The weak are dead.
More Minato/Naruto parallels. Yay? And Savior talk. Yawn. BUT THE PLOT IS MOOOOOVING!
Half panel of Raikage being a pimp: Get going. 
Even Naruto respects that.
At this point I was doing a happy hop as I read, waiting for Sasuke to pop up, or a flash to Sakura kicking more ass so I could frolic over how awesome the chapter was again. . .
But just a panel of Tsunade looking like she's thinking. "Oh, that silly kid.  Why, in my day. . ."
Then Shiku-papa decides on the fairly predictable plan of using 1337hax Naruto to detect the White Zetsu.  Flawlessly integrating Naruto into the war, neutralizing White Zetsu and "protecting"  Naruto by dispersing his clones all over the field to "hide him in plain sight."  I buy.  
On another note, the pic of Shiku-papa from behind looked, at first, like a tiny young Sasuke standing on top of the chair. . .Random.
Katsuyu proved to be useful only when a male needed confirmation that his plan would work.  Course.  
Random panel o' sunrise/set over a mountain? Check.
I expected the chapter to be over here and was doubly surprised by the INYOURFACE fanservice of the former Jins on the last page. Thus I totes missed the little blurb explaining the eyes being Rinn AND Sharingan.
I was like: o_________________________________o Dare I hope? Will these sweet ass characters finally get some play?
Then I read Madara's lulzy one-liner.  
Madara: I know mix/matching kekki-genkai is SO last season. . .but whatevs.  This is world domination. Bitch has gotta do what a bitch gotta do.
Then the close up.  FFFFFFFFFFFFFF----wut? Does this make any damn sense---wait.  This is Naruto.  I buy.
LOLOL So in conclusion, I did like this chapter.  It felt like plot development after TOO MUCH random backstory and flashbacks.  Girls got shafted AGAIN, but at this point I'm numb to it.  Naruto joined the war which means SAUCE! Sauce should be pimping back onstage soon.  YAY! :D PLUS the Jins are here! AT LEAST two of those are badass women with no evident emotional attachment to anyone that would make them insta-dissolve upon speaking to anyone. Right? 
So what did everyone else think of the chapter? Does anyone care to see a bit of an update on what I'm workin on fanfic wise? Lemme know :) 

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When he mentioned the two suns Naruto had i immediately went like oh Sakura and Sasuke?!!!!?? And fell entirely flat when he mentioned his parents. I mean like. SERIOUSLY?

But yeah, it was getting real boring for me, because Naruto = War, obviously. I'm really happy we're getting over this so we can see some Sakura and Sasuke.

Also, I'd love to see an update of your fic. :D

Ack, I wish he had said Sakura and Sasuke too! I was kind of disappointed, but DID think it was sweet of him to say his parents. :)) Your summaries always give me a laugh! Seriously~

I'd love to see a preview of what you have so far. (:

I've been keeping up with the manga too and i'm excited to say Kishi is back! I have been enjoying the 4th ninja war battles (esp seeing most of my favorite characters again!) I only wish there was more Team 7 appearances.

Oh and on a side note: I finally got around to reading the update to Color Theory and I nearly peed myself with happiness! I really hope you are encouraged enough to finish the story! Make more Sasuke/Sakura babies! :D

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