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So...Update? This is What I'm Up to. . .
SS Mountain
 I'm working slowly but steadily on Color Theory.  Not quite through to 20% finished but nearing it.  In the meantime, I've been considering entering into the LJ SS month event (which is brilliant and I love). . .I've already gotten two looong one-shots over 90% for some of the themed prompts.  It's providing a much-needed break from the CT angst while keeping my attention focused on fanfiction/SS in particular and I figure I can add them to  Despotic, Quixotic and Everlasting.  But I'm going to see if inspiration strikes for anymore of the drabble ideas I've been eyeing before I decide to sign up for sure.  I'd like to do at least one for each week, hopefully something for Sauce's b-day too.  Just letting everybody who even reads this thing know! :D 

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YES! Join SSM, pleeeease? Seriously. SSM is awesome! Everyone's so psyched about it! :D It is going to be BIG!

I think I will today. I have one drabble completely finished and several others to the point that i feel comfortable committing :D

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