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On a more important note...
pretty Tsunade
 I'm again working on Color Theory :D (Most) have been sweeties about the wait. Sooooo below is the long awaited CT sneak peak!

It's mostly Tsunade POV on the Tenten situation.  This is the first scene of the next chapter, the rest will primarily be SS interaction, methinks. 

Tsunade stared numbly at her hands. The procedure that Neji had insisted so heatedly upon had, against the odds, been sucessful. Tenten would live. She would not, however, ever again be a kunoichi of Konoha in more than name.

Moving briskly to the sink at the back of the operating suite, Tsunade twisted the nobs until the flow was scalding hot. With a grimace at the pinkened water as it sluiced away down the drain, she began to regret. She should not have allowed the Hyuuga heir to railroad her into such hasty action.

Setting her tired hands onto the cool, dully gleaming counter Tsunade sighed roughly to herself. She flicked one last look at the somehow diminished form of her former-ANBU patient. Distantly, the medic began to recall what she knew of the young woman. Tenten had, for all intents and purposes , been a model nin--one who had been steadily climbing rank without the distinctions most ANBU possessed.

The pale thing lying only yards away, breathing shallowly had no clan affiliation. No bloodlimit, not even a surname. She had no extreme reserve of chakra to rely upon or a distinguished legacy of excellence as a ninja. Tenten had been something else. A civilian-born kunoichi who had achieved something like ANBU rank only to have it taken from her.

Tsunade knew the foremost blame belonged to an Akatsuki member who had crippled her chakra paths and shredded bone and muscle alike. As a hokage she reasoned that the young woman had accepted her mission, the subsequent altercation and the consequences of it too. But the result was no less bitter on her tongue.

Death might have been kinder for Tenten, Tsunade thought. Moving tiredly from the room, the medic could not find it in herself to give the order to notify next-of-kin. It was small of her, she acknowledged but not beneath her. So she walked on, mentally preparing to bury herself in paperwork. Maybe then she'd banish the slowly building sense of guilt.

And a bit of SS to tide you over . . . 

"I am not," he hesitated for the words that would convey what he meant, "disappointed that you have changed." He focused his gaze upon Sakura's as earnestly has he was able.

Her fey-green eyes searched his face rapidly, trying to catch any micro-expression that might hint what he meant.

Sasuke felt a foul curse build on his tongue. He had not wanted to be cryptic. But he stood overwhelmed by proximity and circumstance in equal parts.
All of this is subject to change of course :) It's still a WIP. Ta! 

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Oh wow I loved this story I still love SasuSaku but I've since left the fandom,gonna have to re-read color theory and can't wait for your update.

I've missed you so much Kate!!! :D Especially color theory, I'm so glad you're back. Update soon please! :D

OMG! OMG! You're back! Okaeri! T^T I missed you and your stories so much!

You know a friend of mine and I were just talking about you and CT and then...a few minutes later, I open my lj accound and then, viola! You post an entry! :D How cool is THAT?

this made me really happy, welcome back! :3
glomps. poor tenten D:

Guh. @_@ This is awesome. <3 Please update soon~

I'm super happy right now! You wouldn't believe it but I started read Color Theory like a month ago again (during my exams at school to relax a little bit) like for a hundredth time (can't help it, I guess I love this story so (or rather too? :D) much). Well I guess I was secretly hoping that by the time I get to the last chapter so far (again), you would have a new chapter posted.........that didn't happened, BUT when I looked to your profile and read that you are working on it again.....and that you post this sneak peak ....... well let's just say that it rocked my extra happy mood up, that it is nearly equal to my euphoric mood from actual update of CT!! I think I'll go crazy the moment you post this new chapter :D Can't wait! And thank you for this sneak peak again ^_^

i love your stories :) color theory...this one i've been reading until like 3 AM! And i have a 24 hr shift in the hospital the next day yet i haven't slept that much because your story has kept me up and about! hahahaha so yeah, i went more of your stories. Can't wait for an update though. Can i even read the entire color theory story here? I only read it at :)

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