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Bluegreen Who?

I've been gone a little while. 

Most of my updates on have been for new fandoms (LoK and HG), but I have sort-of been around.  Mostly I've been buried in a mountain of school work.  

Anyway, funny story: I got a Hulu account and guess what?  Naruto Shippuden is one of the series you can watch start-to-finish on there.  Guess what BGA has been doing?  

Watching a ton of Naruto.  That's what BGA has been doing.  

So I've got a pretty pile of new stuff and a whole set of new rules.  Basically I've decided not to post until I've at least drafted a piece through to its finish.  CT morphed into a beast precisely because I didn't draft responsibly.  

Long story short?  CT is planned (but not completed) and will thus be updated relatively soon. 

Until then:

Red  [ Madara/Mito. Past Canon.  6 Chapters. ]  Four years before Konoha appoints her first Hokage, Mito is elected diplomat to the fledgling city.  “Another clan desperate for alliances.” Madara asks, deceptively mild: “Is that why your Whirlpool left you to the mercy of Hashirama and I?  For the sake of peace?”

Quite Soulful, Don't You Agree?

Title: Oh, Right
Words: 2422
Percent Complete: 60%
!verse: Non-massacre, SSGeninTeam!verse, Continuation of 'Wait, what?"

This one is a continuation. . .Collapse )
Title: Poppy Whorl
Words: 2154
Percent Complete: 50%
!verse: AU Celebrity!verse, Continuation of "Glitter Freeze"

New fav drabble mini-series below!Collapse )

Spirited Away
First off: THANK YOU~! to everyone who wished me a happy burf-dae! 
Second: I'm back in school, so sorry for slowed updates buuuuuuuuuut I'm swamped.
Third: I come bearing many previews.  

Feel free to comment which ones you're looking forward to. .. .also let me know what you guys think of Sauce's re-appearance in teh manga~! 

*All below are working drabbles and are prone to change

Title: Umbrella
Words: 2241
Percent Complete: 70%
!verse: Post-canon

Sneaky-da-peekyCollapse )

Title: Dreams/Nightmares
Words: 1678
Percent Complete: 40%
!verse: Post-canon

Clicky for PreviewCollapse )
Title: Dreams/Nightmares
Words: 1125
Percent Complete: 25%
!verse: Post-canon

I like this one. . .Collapse )
TOO MANY DRABBLES! Gonna post a second update. . .

A Badass Naruto Chapter, You Say? Surely You Jest.
Sasuke leanin'
 Soooooooo...I've been on vaycay, with The Worst Internet Connection Ever TM.  I'm on my way back to civilization back home, and finally got a stable enough connection to read the latest chapter.  I LOVED IT! OMG it's like original Naruto, where I couldn't stop reeeeeeading and was excited and there was plot development and an endless parade of badass mofos! (8D) All this chapter needed was Sauce to dip in and it would've been epic.

Of course, since it's Naruto Shippuden, it was at once awesome AND lulz-worthy.  So I decided to do a play-by-play sort of deal. 
Thar be Spoilerz an' cursinCollapse )
So what did everyone else think of the chapter? Does anyone care to see a bit of an update on what I'm workin on fanfic wise? Lemme know :) 

So...Update? This is What I'm Up to. . .
SS Mountain
 I'm working slowly but steadily on Color Theory.  Not quite through to 20% finished but nearing it.  In the meantime, I've been considering entering into the LJ SS month event (which is brilliant and I love). . .I've already gotten two looong one-shots over 90% for some of the themed prompts.  It's providing a much-needed break from the CT angst while keeping my attention focused on fanfiction/SS in particular and I figure I can add them to  Despotic, Quixotic and Everlasting.  But I'm going to see if inspiration strikes for anymore of the drabble ideas I've been eyeing before I decide to sign up for sure.  I'd like to do at least one for each week, hopefully something for Sauce's b-day too.  Just letting everybody who even reads this thing know! :D 

On a more important note...
pretty Tsunade
 I'm again working on Color Theory :D (Most) have been sweeties about the wait. Sooooo below is the long awaited CT sneak peak!

It's mostly Tsunade POV on the Tenten situation.  This is the first scene of the next chapter, the rest will primarily be SS interaction, methinks. 

TsuPOVCollapse )

And a bit of SS to tide you over . . . 

SaucePOVCollapse )
All of this is subject to change of course :) It's still a WIP. Ta! 

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 I'm back! Where have I been? 

Hogwarts. I wish. Actually just college.
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Mens Rea / Slow Burn
Mens Rea - Her voice was raw with the emotions as she bit out, "Leave. Sasuke. Now."
Latin - "Guilty mind"Collapse )
Slow Burn - Sasuke and Sakura in the time of Clan Wars.

It was a pleasure to burn...Collapse )

Meme While I Take A Break
Spirited Away

I'm currently working on two one-shots, one of which is a pet idea I've been saving till I had the time to work honestly on it. I have a feeling it's going to be one of my favorites I've written. :3 Es a good feeling! I'll post a preview at the bottom!! I'm also working on a less plot-heavy one shot that's going to be M-ish rated. GASP!! Haha, a first for me. It'll be previewed at the bottom, too. 

Anywho here's a 'Top 5' Meme I got a hold of at some point. 

Top 5sCollapse )
Previews in next post!! :3

Pardon Me While I Channel My Inner William Wallace. . .
As of today, I am officially finished with my Freshman year of college. And it is glorious. 

...I'll also be back to writing Friday-ish. I'll be hibernating till then. Look forward to some posts/updates/new chapters soooooooon! 


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